Friday, January 16, 2015

Christmas 2014

I am behind as normal... Christmas 2014 has come and gone already, and I miss it already! It was so much fun for the boys, and they loved all of the lit up trees and houses.

Let's see... We went with a fake tree this year, and that was a great idea. It was so nice to not have to water it, and to not have needles falling constantly. We were brave and didn't really block it off in any way, the boys did great! We kept the decorations pretty much only on the upper half (aside from lights/ garland) and they really mostly left it alone. They loved it though, every single night they had to 'say goodnight' to the tree and give it a kiss. Jamie did a fantastic job outside as usual, and the house looked great! We are lucky to live in a very festive neighbourhood. We did a lot of after dinner walks with the boys where they could ooh and aah at all of the pretty lights... And attempt to knock on peoples' doors. Apparently it's Halloween year round.
A TREE! Adam very excited in the back
Scott & Adam with me in our yard 
Our house! 
Scotty helping decorate the tree! 

The holiday season was super busy, but lots of fun. My parents do a Christmas Brunch, and so we had that on the Sunday before Christmas. Lots of pancakes and yummy food, and a terrible attempt at a family photo! Seriously, it's impossible to get a pic of the 4 of us lately... That's the goal for 2015, ONE good family photo! Haha.
Good effort... Scotty with me.

On to Christmas Eve... After the boys' afternoon nap, we went straight to the 3PM church service. It's the same service I've been going to pretty much my entire life, and I love continuing the tradition with the boys. I was nervous about them sitting quietly for close to an hour, but it went soooo well! They loved listening to the music and were pretty happy to sit on our laps as long as they had mouthfuls of raisins the entire time. They liked trading laps though - from me, to Jamie to my Mom to my Dad.... and back and forth again. At least they were quiet. Got a little bit squirmy during the pastor talking for 10-15 minutes, but I'll still take that as as win.

After church it was off to my parents' house for dinner. Turkey and the fixin's, yummy yummy as always. The boys were pretty good, once we gave them a chia seeds pouch and let them just eat that. Sitting patiently through meals is not one of their best qualities. After dinner we opened some presents for the boys from my side of the family. They got clothes, Elmo, Cookie monster, potties, stuff like that, as well as some money for their college funds (because they'll be doctors, you know!) We were home shortly after 7, and off to bed for the turkeys. We knew Christmas would be another long busy day!
A & S opening presents with Daddy and Nana
A & S snacking with Uncle Andrew! 
Scotty showing Uncle A that he likes his new CAT toy
Some holiday cheer for Mommy when we got home! 
Last picture before bed on Christmas Eve

Christmas Day! The boys were sweeties and slept through the night for us which was much appreciated. Jamie got up with them in the morning for breakfast, and I got up around 8:30 for presents! We wrapped up stuff in wayyyy too many packages, so the babies got fairly bored pretty quickly, and once we hit the corn poppers, they just played with those while Jamie and I spent the next 20 minutes tearing apart all of the work we had done wrapping everything and making a huge mess of our house. We (I mean Santa) got the boys toys, books, clothes, corn poppers, more toys, blocks, little cars, decor for their room... Stuff like that. So after breakfast, we piled into the van and headed off to Jamie's parents' house for Christmas morning 2.0! The boys got spoiled again, with cozy coupes, more clothes, more books (they are obsessed with books), a railroad set, a picnic table and more. Jamie and I also came home with a lot of stuff, nothing as fantastic as our new Dyson Animal though. Seriously, that vacuum is lifechanging! I have the best mother in law.

We went home for lunch and so the boys could have a nap, before heading back to my inlaws' for Christmas dinner. It was a PJ dinner this year (well for half of the attendees) so that made picking out clothes for the evening pretty easy. Jamie and I wore our striped onesies, and the boys just stayed in what they were wearing that morning. My MIL made an amazing dinner as usual, although Jamie and I barely ate any because the boys were being little monsters during dinner time - running around is much more fun than sitting and eating! We ended up leaving around 7, and were home to get the boys in bed at a reasonable hour, where once again they slept like angels!

Overall this was an amazing Christmas and the boys did so well. I remember the stress last year, the way they didn't nap at all and had a meltdown here and there over being so overtired. This year was such a breeze compared to that, and the boys had so much fun too. I can't wait for their next Christmas!
Good morning Sweeties! Scotty looking at the camera
A & S trying out their corn poppers 
Was cleaned up by naptime, phew! 
Adam wouldn't put down cookie monster and the corn popper for a diaper change.
Adam at the dinner table 
Merry Christmas love the Arsenaults! A & S - good effort again!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Almost 18 months!

Adam and Scott will be 18 months on the 23rd of December, a whole year and a half. They are learning new things every single day, it's amazing. Things are going pretty smoothly; We dropped to one nap about 2 weeks ago and it was a bit of a difficult transition. Previously the boys would be up at 7, nap at 8:30 and then again at 1. Naps were anywhere from 30 mins - 1.5 hours, sometimes more in the afternoon. Now they're up around 7:30 (or later) and nap at noon. Anywhere from 1-2 hours, but they seem well rested so I guess that'll all it'll be. It was tough though at first, they were overtired all morning, and then barely napped at all in the afternoons. Yuck. Although I miss my morning showers and free time, it's nice to be able to be out of the house before 10:30! As far as overnights go, the boys are still down by 7:15ish, and lately they have only been up once, around 5 or 6! It's awesome. We have bad nights here and there, but nothing like before... Fingers crossed it stays that way. It's about time!

Big news! The boys had their first sleepover last weekend! They stayed with their Gramma and Papa (Jamie's parents) and had a fantastic time. They've been put to bed by my inlaws at home a handful of times, but they have never not had me there in the middle of the night. But they proved that they are now big boys, and did great. They went to bed without a fuss (Adam needed a couple more minutes of cuddles, which is pretty standard) and were only up once at 3AM. Went back to sleep and although Scott was up at 6 for the day, Adam slept until almost 8. We got pictures and videos while they were gone and it was so cute to see what a great time they were having. All smiles and laughs and giggles. They had so much fun. I was worried about them not having breast milk because they're still nursing about 5-6 times in a 24 hour period but they were fine. Went about 20 hours without milkies, so I was a little uncomfortable though, haha. My parents are excited for a turn for a sleepover soon too, and hopefully I'll actually sleep instead of being up worried for a frantic 'come get them' phone call. I was so sure they would be overnight nightmares!

Our Christmas tree has been up since late November. We went fake this year, and don't regret it one bit. It's a really nice looking tree and it's awesome not having needles all over the place! The boys are obsessed with it. Constantly pointing at it, and they have to say goodnight to it (well, point at it and give it a kiss at least) before bed every night. The boys love all of the Christmas lights in the that are up too. On our way back from our afternoon walks they really like staring at all of the decor in our neighbourhood. I can't wait for Christmas this year, it will be so fun with two little monkeys! Oh - and we saw Santa... Scott was unimpressed, Adam made out like his arm was being chopped off. Made for a funny picture at least! I have taken them back about half a dozen times, but Adam wants absolutely nothing to do with Santa!
A & S with 'Scary Claus'... 
The boys are probably around 21 lbs now, I need to weigh them again soon. How things have changed since the early days when I weighed them every Tuesday and Friday. They are in 18 month tops, and pants are a mixed bag. Sometimes 12 month is too small, and in some brands they're still wearing 9-12 months. They are little stringbeans with super small waists, so it's tough to get those pants to stay up. We're glad that Gramma is a great sewer and can make clothes wearable! They are still in size 3 diapers, but are probably ready to switch over to size 4 soon. They are good eaters, but monsters when it comes to throwing food. Both absolutely obsessed with books - they want us to read the same ones hundreds of times a day.

They have made huge advancements pretty much everywhere aside from talking. They are now walking (not crawling) up and down the stairs, using the wall as a railing. They follow commands and love helping clean up, especially putting clothes (and everything else on the floor) in the laundry hamper. Every night after their bedtime nursing, I tell them to 'go find Daddy' and they bring in my bra and sweater first before getting Jamie... every single night. So cute. They love clapping whenever they do anything as well. Ate a bite of beans? CLAP CLAP CLAP. Put their sleepers in the hamper? CLAP CLAP CLAP. They keep us laughing all day long! I love being the Mom of two toddlers. It is crazy and LOUD, with the occasional tantrum, but it is so so so much fun. Love my little dudes!!

S & A enjoying a cookie at the grocery store
Adam (with his beanie boo, Tabitha) and Scoot (you can see Rocco in the background)
A & S clapping on their couch 
I was really excited at finding coordinating shirts...
Until I discovered Adam's shirt is actually for girls. Sorry about the neckline buddy! 
A & S wearing blue with Mommy on World Diabetes Day
A & S having the time of their lives digging in the flower pot. 
S & A - dressed up for to meet Santa again... which didn't happen! 
S & A - Santa's helpers! 

Oh Adam, my little cuddlebug. Adam is such a little sweetie, and obsessed with trees. Seriously, every single tree gets a pointing at with 'Dah!!!' He is fairly low key, and loves sharing things with Scott. His newest thing is to throw his food on the floor, and then drop to his knees and eat like a puppy. Super silly, but if that's what it takes to get him to eat his carrots, he can eat like a puppy! He is pretty good at staying close when he is walking out to the car, which is nice too. He is still awesome with pointing out body parts, and especially loves his feet. He's still not talking, but can understand us no problem. He always puts his jammies (and Scott's too) in the hamper after getting dressed every morning... Although he tends to add everything else from the floor to the hamper as well. Apparently stuffed animals need to be washed too! He loves superheros still, especially Superman. Adam has 12 teeth, and the next 4 are about ready to pop through any time now. He is quite clingy and when he's shy he is like superglue to my legs.

Smiles before his bath 
Someone is almost ready for his first haircut 
Hanging out in the baby gate 
Pointing at a tree
Nice face! 
Showing off his belly button
Cuddling a stuffy at IKEA 
Scott was still napping, so solo snack time with Mom 

Oh my crazy Scoot Scoot! Scott is my little ball of energy. He figured out how to stand up on his own about a month or so ago, and has been on the move constantly since then. He loves climbing up and down the stairs like a big boy, using the wall as a handrail. He is so sweet, but little man has a bit of a temper. It's frustrating at the moment, but then he turns around in an instant and has the cutest smile in the world! He's not talking yet either, but can imitate a few animals sounds, a firetruck (wee oo wee oo) and he says 'Up!' when we're walking up the stairs. I'm thinking he's going to just explode with his speech soon. Fingers crossed. He has 13 teeth now, and more on the way soon I'm sure. He loves his 'beanie boos' and cuddles with them every night. When he wakes up to nurse he almost always is holding a stuffed animal when I lift him out of the crib. He is my adorable, spirited little man, and smart as a whip! I love him so much!
Holding two dollies in his crib 
Someone found the puffs in the diaper bag! 
Smiling at the dentist. First checkup went great! 
He loves pushing the firetruck around the yard! 
Pushing his grilled cheese around in the train
Showing off his toothies 
Snuggling with Grampy 
Helping decorate the tree 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fall Festivities!

Just a quick picture post here. I am long overdue for another update (holy crap, things are happening fast) and I also have to do a Disneyland post, my Mom and I went again at the beginning of November!

But for now...

Thanksgiving! We had a family brunch at my parents house (my Mom makes some good waffles) and a delicious turkey dinner at my inlaws' house. Somehow I have no photos from my parent's place... Bizarre!!
Scott in green, Adam in blue. Ready for turkey with cousin Abrielle! 
Family pic! Scott with Daddy Adam with me 

Pumpkin patch! We had to take the boys to the Pumpkin patch - We went to Hazelmere, and it was great. The boys had a fantastic time looking at the animals, playing in the dirt, and especially riding through the mud on the tractor! Once we got to the back of the farm, we went through a little corn maze to get to the pumpkins. We picked out a few and headed home. Of course, we didn't do much of anything with the pumpkins the boys chose, but hey - it's the thought that counts!

Adam liked that one! 
Scotty riding a pumpkin back on the tractor 
Adam in the dirt  
Scott wanted a big pumpkin! 

Halloween! Halloween was so so much fun. Adam was dressed up as Dracula, and Scott was Frankenstein (or Frankenscoot as we called him). After their morning nap, we went to Willowbrook mall, thinking it would be fun. Turns out, the mall has some event in the evening, and no one really cares about kids in costumes during the day. We saw a couple other dressed up toddlers, but not many! Wandered around for a little while, got some Disney Itty Bittys for our trip, and of course hit up Starbucks. For the evening, we had both sides of the family over, and went through the neighbourhood for some Trick'r'treating! The boys had an amazing time with their cousin Abrielle, and I was blown away with how well they did. We covered a lot of distance and they never once complained or got tired. They were just constantly on the move, and loved going up all of the porches and getting treats. Well, mostly just poking at the plants on porches, but you know. SO proud of them. Can't wait for next year!
Ready to go to the mall (A & S) 
Dracula (Adam) on the move  
Dracula and Frankenscoot saying hi to Nana
Adam & Scott with cousin Abrielle  
Scott with Mom and Grampy 
S & A trick'r'treating! 
Our attempt at a family pic... Notice tired Scott rubbing his eyes